Bonsai starter kit with juniper tree

Bonsai starter kit with juniper tree

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IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: This product only ships within Australia to Victoria, South Australia, ACT, Queensland and New South Wales, due to quarantine laws. If you live overseas or outside these areas in Australia we recommend purchasing the standard starter kit, which does not include soil or the tree and can be shipped worldwide. If you don't have an appropriate tree at home, you can purchase a tree (e.g. juniper, maple, fig, serissa etc.) from your local nursery to use with the kit.

Want to create a bonsai from scratch? Looking for a gift that is an activity which culminates in a living work of art? Look no further. Our bonsai starter kit comes with everything you need to design, wire, pot and dress your new bonsai, including the tree.

Your kit will include:

  • A glazed pot of 15cm internal diameter (pots come in various colours and are randomly allocated)
  • Potting mix
  • Wire (anodised aluminium) to wire your tree
  • 2 pieces of mesh for the drainage holes in your pot
  • Dressing pebbles, to add some flair to your bonsai
  • Small (bud and fine twig) shears made of brushed stainless steel, to style your tree
  • Bonsai fertiliser
  • A small juniper tree
  • Instructions on how to create and care for your new bonsai